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Writing prompts, as the name suggests, aim to inspire the imagination into creating texts. Prompts can be questions such as - "What would if hell actually froze over?" or "How would a fantasy blacksmith be able to craft magical weapons if he can only use his eyes in below zero temperatures?". They can be pictures or a short video compilation which sparks ideas in the mind of the person watching it. 
Writing prompts are very good for keeping an author's mind agile as the wide range of ideas presented may include genres in which the author has never written before. Most of all, they are a great way to examine an author's way of writing, sampling it so to speak, in quick bite-sized portions. And that is the main purpose for the prompts, to showcase, in a quick and neat format, if my writings are to your liking. At the end of each prompt, there will be an acknowledgment of sorts, where a link to the post from where it originated is given. If a picture is provided in the prompts, those pictures are the sole property of their creators and serve only as inspiration. No ownership is claimed whatsoever.

With the explanations out of the way, I want to invite you over to my collection of writings, which you can enjoy, I hope, during a long, boring commute, waiting for your food to finish cooking or arrive at your door, or the leftover of your lunch break at work or school. Whatever the source of free time you decide to share with me, I would like to thank you for it and wish you happy reading.

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