In this section, you can read through the absolutely free of charge stories created specifically for the visitors of the site. The works posted here will act as a sample for those seeking novelty from the writing prompt section, or those that may not particularly like the genre of stories published officially. My current repertoire is limited to science fiction and fantasy, but in the future new entries may appear, such as but not limited to - cosmic horror, steampunk thriller, supernatural comedy, gothic mystery, and all manner of other strange combinations my mind may decide to put together.

Genre: Fantasy

phantom's dance cover 4.jpg

Phantom's dance

​When does conviction end? Does it end when blood stops coursing through our body, or does it end when our bones are nothing but dust beneath the earth? Franz expected to die in the forest near his village, instead, he fell headfirst into the most dangerous artifact in the world.

Genre: Science fiction

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Best birthday never

Philip's job is to report. Tonight is his birthday, and he hates his job because he has to skip out on the party and work. The last place on Earth he wants to be is a drab museum, but if he skips out on this assignment, he'll miss the story of a lifetime and the chance to save a large portion of humanity.

Genre: Cosmic horror

Beholder's guilt.jpg

Beholder's guilt

The Branch is a paramilitary organization that offers high-grade protection for wealthy customers. Charles Blackburn is the best team Commander the Branch has to offer, and so it falls to him and his men to protect an eccentric, old man on his journey to a mysterious island in the Mediterranean sea. The island isn't on any maps, and in its heart are ancient buildings that hold something more powerful than priceless, old relics.

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Love crucible.jpg

Love crucible

"Whoever is the victor of the contest between human and demonkind shall have unequivocal dominion over the defeated."
This was the pact agreed upon between world-encompassing human empire and the realm of demons. Each year, on the 14th day of the second month of the year, the human champion waits for the chosen representative of the demons. If the demon's champion does not arrive, the Contest of love is held in the nearby capital of the human empire. The event is the highlight of the year for some as everyone makes merry and celebrates life. This year's festivities, however, will not contain just cooking contests and bobbing for apples. This time, the fate of two worlds will be decided in an arena of love.