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Hello everyone.


The long wait is over. My debut novel Worldender is out! You can grab it by clicking here or on the cover below:

WE overhaul copy_edited.jpg

As you can surmise, I wasn't able to post updates here for the past two months because I was hard at work on final polishes for the book. The fruit of labor is finally with us, so anyone who makes a purchase and, hopefully, has their interest kept to the end, I couldn't describe in words how helpful some feedback will be. No matter your feelings, I'd like to hear them, so I can better my craft and make more engaging works in the future. 


And hey, if you're feeling generous, a review and rating on Amazon would be much appreciated as well. If that's not your speed, no harm, no foul. You can also let me know what you think in an email to:


Thank you for stopping by. Have a look through the site since there are quite a few free goodies you can enjoy before committing any purchases, and, as always, happy reading!

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