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News has arrived. Finally.

Any and all future relevant announcements can be found here. 

One of my short stories will be published soon in the sci-fi anthology The Beginning & End of all Things, which you can find, when available, here.

Enjoy the marvelous cover work as well:

Original image can be found here.

The next piece of news is that for the spooky month of October, I'm currently working on a new cosmic horror site exclusive story. On current projections, it should be done, and on the site on Halloween.

The last piece of news concerns my ongoing collaboration with the amazing Aidan, who was gracious enough to lend his expert editing touch to my Bulgarian translation of "Best birthday never"(which can be found here). In the near future, we hope, you should be able to hear his buttery-smooth voice read out loud one of my works for your listening pleasure. You can find Aidan and his band here and enjoy his singing before he woos your ears over here

Going forward, I'll do my best to have monthly updates for work projects, possible future additions to the site, and other content I'm working on. If by chance you are a Bulgarian speaker, you can hear my not-so-buttery voice on every platform except Youtube, as I am a part of the podcast - Три мазета. Our Facebook page, which is also in Bulgarian, is over here.

As always, thank you for visiting, and happy reading!

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