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Hello everyone!

Happy new year and congratulations on making it through 2020. It was pretty rough, so a pat on the back may be in order.

Onto the news. 
First, a prequel short story to my debut novel is currently in its final stages of polish. My wonderful editor, Tessa, and I are working hard on making something that will captivate your interest and make you want to read the novel. No current release date for you, but we hope to get it ready sometime later in the year. 

Second, two new sci-fi short stories are in the works as well. The idea behind them is that one follows the other's events directly. For now, the second story's outline is done, and I'm working on bridging them both together. Hopefully, this should be done by the end of March, but we'll see how far along I get.

Third, the mystery romance story I'm working on is in development, but it's a bit slow going. I might not make the February 14th deadline, so for those interested, check back with the site after the 21st up until the end of the month. I'm determined to have it out by the end, but I just can't give a specific date yet do to all the parallel projects being worked on.

I realize it's a bit ironic that I'm the one setting the timetable, mostly, and I still can't give a solid date for most things, but that's how it goes with ambition sometimes. You want to do a lot of things, and along the way, some snags in the road trip you up. Just like in the real world, not many things go according to plan, so we do our best to solve the problems that emerge. In that train of thought, keep your head up and your wits about you in this new year.

As always, thank you for stopping by, and happy reading!

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