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Hello everyone!

February has come and gone, so to those loved and in love - Happy Valentine's day.  

Now, onto business. Those keen-eyed of you have noticed that there was no new story uploaded to the website during February. I apologize for this. I could make excuses about real life getting in the way or something similar, but I won't. The simple truth is that I couldn't meet the deadline, and that's that. I'll draw a positive from this experience and pace myself better, set better end dates, and all that good jazz. For now, I have an apology and update. The update is that the story is in the final polishing stage, and  I should be finished with it by the 14th of March at the latest. My current projection is that I should be no earlier than the 13th, unfortunately. Check back after then, and there should be new content for your reading pleasure.

In addition to this news, a new sci-fi story is about 33% done. This one will be published normally sometime later this year by the lovely people at Bear Hill publishing. 

Other projects are on hold for now until I finish up the story I've promised, so that's it for the news.
The dark months of winter are almost over, so I hope all of you can meet the incoming sunny days with a smile.
Stay safe, healthy and as always, thank you for reading.

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