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Hello everyone!


First and foremost, apologies for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, I had a few very stressful months since uploading Love crucible. It was mostly due to a mix of mundane and banal things like trying to monetize my work and the stress and time that inevitably is required to achieve that. Good news on that front, my debut novel Worldender is expected to come to a digital store near you around September. Hopefully. 


Things during 2021 are as ever-shifting as last year, so I can't currently be more concrete than that, but the novel is coming and soon.


Side projects for the website are tabled for now, but their embers smolder in my head and aren't going anywhere. I will do my best to get on paper as soon as I am able. 


And that's the end of the news. Not terribly much of it, I know, but that will soon change. 


I hope you're safe and healthy, and as always, thank you for reading.

Drink with Ice Cubes
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